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January 12, 2012 Off

Tech shopping list – pt 1

By in Research

My father is going to be sailing across the Atlantic with his friend in January 2013 and he has tasked me to research, and get him kitted out, with a number of key pieces of tech kit!

Items to find are:

  1. Something to read books on (I think we all know what might be the winner already!)
  2. Something for emailing / blog writing / surfing the internet.
  3. Something to listen to music / audio books with.

Important features to consider:

  1. Compact size – space is a premium on board.
  2. Long battery life – charging is available, but the fewer times they need to do this the better.
  3. No Wi-Fi on-board – data connection to the satellite terminal is through an RJ45 socket.

I have a few ideas already, but the main issue I have already foreseen is the lack of Wi-Fi!
Many of the new pieces of tech on the market, or due for release this year, do not allow wired networking as an RJ45 socket would limit how thin they could make the device.

2012 is going to be a good year for fulfilling this shopping list, especially with the expected flood of high end, competitively priced tablets hitting the market, so I am looking forward to getting stuck into my research.

If anyone has any suggestions on any of the items then please let me know.

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